Modern firewall systems nowadays offer a wide spectrum of integrated features besides the functions of a traditional firewall. UTMs deliver everything a security expert needs: firewall, anti-virus, filter functions for web content and emails, application control and network functions (e.g. routing and load balancing) in just one appliance.


The following manufacturers develop products in the firewall division or offer products where a firewall is included.


Under the section wireless all solutions which are necessary to build up a wireless network are presented. This includes among other things access points, WLAN controller and solutions for guest-accesses.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

More and more partners rely on the network area on decoupling of the control from hardware to software. In this category you can find the right manufacturer for the change.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Access Control (NAC) is a technology which supports out of the network the defending of viruses, worms and unauthorised accesses. With NAC the devices are being checked on policy compliance during the authentification. For example if there is an old virus scanner or there is a missing security-patch on the clients operating system, the affected device will be set under quarantine and current updates will be installed until the device meets the corresponding security guidelines. In the beginning these required functions were spread over network components such as the router, switches and firewalls.

VPN / Remote Access

The conventional VPN indicates a virtual, self-contained communication network which uses an existing communication network as transport medium.  It is used to connect participants of the existing communication network with another network. Besides from the classical linkage through a VPN-gateway the connection through SSL-VPN for separate devices is being used more often.


Here you will find manufacturers who have solutions for switching in their portfolio.

Which manufacturer offers which IT security solution?

We have created a detailed matrix of our solutions from the Infinigate portfolio. With this matrix you can see at a glance which manufacturer offers which IT security solutions.